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Rebecca Minkoff: Jealous Satchel - Woulda, Coulda, but Didn't

So I fell in love with Rebecca Minkoff's "Jealous" satchel when I glanced in its general direction at Nordstrom.  And honestly, it might have been an easy sale...until I started to wear it around the store to feel it out.

Having lived in New York for 10 years, I always appreciated a mid to large size bag.  But now that I call Atlanta home, I really dont need a large (or mid-to large) bag to tote around my belongings (that's what cars are for).  So the size was a concern.

My particular draw to Rebecca Minkoff bags is her edginess in style and use of hardware and leather.  Though the Jealous satchel showcases these greatly, I am still a girl after functionality.  And the decorative zippers and faux pockets were not only deceiving but quite frustrating.

This is a double-edge sword though because too many zippers and pockets can make this girl crazy.  But what did it for me was where I thought there should be working zippers and actual pockets...existed none.  Sigh.  And I really was going to shell out some serious cash for this bag.

Although I could have gotten over the faux zippers on the top of the bag, I really couldn't get passed the missing (or what I perceived to be lacking) back pocket.  This would have been super useful and just made sense.

But I guess ultimate, for this gal, the size of the the bag was the real dealbreaker.  Had it been slightly bigger I could have used it for work (it won't fit a laptop)...and had it been slightly smaller, it would have been a perfect day-to-day handbag.


Traveling with Michael Kors

For a while now, I have been somewhat obsessed with the Cross-body bag.  I admired its functionality and ease of use, particularly during the winter months (when we wear those large coats and jackets) as well as when traveling or shopping (helps keeps the hands free).  On a recent trip out West, I immediately fell in love with my cousin's Michael Kors cross body.  It was somewhat small in size, had lots of pockets, and utilized brass hardware.  Love, love, love.

However, since I really couldn't find any use for the bag after I bought it (I stopped traveling and had a small obsession with my white patent leather Coach hobo), I developed a love-hate relationship with this particular Michael Kors bag.  Then the tables turned when I needed the perfect travel bag companion to house all my stuff.

This bag comes with a back pocket (large), front pocket, 2 smaller front pockets and a main compartment that zips close.  Both the back pocket and main compartment can easily hold an iPad.  Since the opening of the large pocket is blocked by the buckle/belt embellishment, it's actually perfect for things like wallets or sunglasses.  The smaller front pockets may appear too small to use, but I've seen a small cell phone fit nicely in this space.  It's also great for keys.

Not only is functionality key for a traveler like myself, but so are compartments (including pockets) and size.  You want to be organized to be able to find things quickly and you want a bag that is not too big and not too small. it definitely proved itself to be useful and stylish when traveling.  In addition to it's cross-body functionality, the bag also comes with tote handles, so you can rock it in either 2 ways.

All in all, this bag definitely surprised me.  Being once a bag on the list of "To Sell", it quickly became a keeper after my last trip.  The color also helps make it different, yet neutral....the color of the bag that I have that is.  I didn't buy the pink one...I got the Navy. ;-)


Vintage "Shopping"

I have never really been into vintage clothes/accessory shopping, but I can definitely appreciate the classic looks of handbag brands such as Gucci.  Wearing all too much black in New York always has a girl like me wanting some kind of handbag to make an all-black outfit pop.  So as I vacation back home, chilling out with my mom, I found this snazzy antique (as she calls it) Gucci tote.  And I just had to take it.

It’s almost as old as I am, and the once gold hardware has started to fade.  It’s also missing the long strap to turn it into a shoulder or even cross body bag.  The inner lining has also been completely removed, by choice, as my mom told me the lining started to wear and deteriorate over time.

However, none of this phased me, not one bit.  The bag still looks gorgeous…and vintage.  And it’s that Gucci navy blue look that I haven’t seen in ages.  It’s the perfect small-to-medium size bag that definitely makes a statement.

So score 1 for me, and better yet, my bank account.  I mean, let’s face it, one of the better places to “shop” is in our moms’ closets.


Trench Pursuit

Every girl needs a good jacket, right?  But of course.  And for some reason (known only to my super secret shopaholic self), this girl needed 2 jackets.....Spring Jackets that is.  But at the very least, they are 2 totally different looks and colors.

The first jacket was a bargain department steal found at lovely old Century 21.  It's a Cole Haan, lightweight parka type jacket with hidden hoodie (you can zip it into the collar).  It's a great color for the spring, lightweight enough to wear on a rainy Summer's day, and it's A-Line cut works well for my shape.  I wouldn't necessarily call it a trench, but it was a coat I had my eye in for a while.  Luckily, I came across it during one of my very few visits to the Lower Manhattan department store.  Truth be told, I really don't like shopping at Century 21.  But I guess once in a while, when I do actually find myself inside those doors, I do find a good deal.  And for this jacket, a good deal was about 35% off the original retail price of the jacket.

Jacket number 2, the black one, came from Kenneth Cole.  And again, another accidental find.  Kenneth Cole is almost always a staple store visit when I find myself in Union Square.  And I say almost always because I really only go in if I notice something in the window.  Interestingly enough, it wasn't this jacket.  But, as I walked towards the back of the store, perhaps the jacket was calling me.  It's a pretty casual looking jacket, also light weight with a hood.  I think what makes this a bit more casual is the hood is there, and you can't do anything about it.  It utilizes silver hardware, which I normally don't prefer, but the jacket fit perfectly and is so lightweight that it can easily become my "travel" jacket.  Because let's face it, you never really know what the weather will be like when you travel, so it's best to be somewhat prepared.  Oh, and one of the REALLy great things about this jacket?  Although originally 30% off, it actually became 40% off since I was shopping during Mother's Day weekend.

So how can you NOT beat that?



My New Wallet Makes Me Happy...and Organized

It was about that time for a new wallet since my last wallet was coming to a slow death...so off I went to my tried and true wallet/wristlet spot, Coach. Sadly I couldn't come to a decision as their latest styles and designs were a bit too...Juicy Coutoure-ish for me. And let's face it, if I want something that looks Ike Juicy, I'll just go buy Juicy. So on to the next stop, Bloomingdales with a good collection of small wallets, wristlets, and general accessories. And that' where I found it...the Rebecca Minkoff "Trust Fund" wallet.

The wallet comes in a nice length so that you can easily have your cash fold out instead of a having to fold them in to fit most wristlets. And if you're not like me and carry no cash at all, this space can easily hold receipts or checks or whatever else you may carry in your wallet. The main compartment also has a separate area to hold credit cards, business cards, insurance cards....etc. With 4 slots to hold things, I'm sure you'll be able to utilize this space, just like me. And that last piece to the main compartment is the key ring that you can use at your will. I use it to hold all those mini discount/point cards almost any and all retailers/drug stores/book clubs now offer.

And last, but not least, the outside compartment that allows more space for your organizational needs. I use it to hold my coins as the length of the wallet allows me to easily sift through the change pull out what I need.

Oh yeah, and just to add a bit more cuteness and edge to the already sophisticated black leather with brass hardware...on the back side of the wallet is written "Trust Fund". Cute, right?